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Elevate Your Music To Have That

Professional Mastering & Mixing

Your music is badass....
it should sound that way too.

We know how many late nights you’ve spent tryin’ to tweak that sound and it still doesn’t sound commercial ready

Don’t worry, we’re not spying on you. We just know how it is because we’ve been there too. So, we feel ya. And now, because you’ve found us, you can finally stop wasting time on trying to tweak your music, and let us take it from here.

So you can:

Get That Commercial Sound

In just three easy steps.


Book a call with our pros. We'll figure out exactly what your music needs to sound the way you want it to.


Whether you need professional mastering, mixing, or both, we'll get you to that next level.


You can relax. We'll take care of the rest. Go ahead, make more music — we know you want to.

Tired of Your Mix Sounding Like Trash?

Yea. We said it — we know you were thinking it.

Professional Song Mixing Commercial Sound Rhoten Studios
Radio Ready Sound


Professional MAstering

Wondering what separates popular artists from the rest? It's professional sound mastering. In order for an album to have a cohesive sound and feel, it needs mastering. Let us master your music so it's next-level.

Finished Quality


Professional Mixing

You've laid out the rhythm, played the notes, and even sang all the lines. It's time to make that arrangement feel like a song, rather than a loose mismatch of parts. We'll capture the emotion & vibe you're wanting to bring your song to life with the way we mix.​

Rhoten Studios Mixing & Mastering Sound Engineer
Spotify Ready



In need of some sick beats? Arrangements? Instrumentals? We've got your back on that too. The artists on our team can nail down your energy and vibe with custom products. Or you can simply pick something we've already produced to save you time.


Go from Feeling Frustrated to Confident

Our Work

Mixing & mastering

RHOTEN Studios

Professional Mastering Studio


Enjoy the confidence that comes with our services

Professional Mixing and Mastering | Rhoten Studios
Online Mixing & Mastering | Commercial Sound | Rhoten Studios

RHOTEN Studios has over 30 years experience in the music industry and is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Our master sound engineers will give you that commercial and quality sound that you’re after. You can stop wasting your time trying to master yourself, or on sound engineers who aren’t giving you what you want — when you could be working on your next song, or booking your next gig.

We’re badasses when it comes to mastering. So, from one badass to another: we’ve got you.

Song Mixing & Mastering Studio | Rhoten Studios

Listen To The Difference

Elevate Your Sound

Tired of Wasting Time?

You could keep trying to tweak your mix. You could spend more hours on trying to master your songs. And you could keep pulling your hair out over the fact that your music just doesn’t sound like the other songs on spotify or whatever music streaming sites you use.

OR you could spend more time doing the things that you love to do. Which would you prefer?

We’re willing to bet it’s the second one.